Posted by: flight509 | February 18, 2009

Come and stand for a service weekend of transformation; changing minds and lives forever.

Flight 509’s Global Paradigm Shift:

Changing Minds, Changing Lives, Reclaiming Our Power

New Orleans, LA – April 24 – 26, 2009


Join Flight 509’s* Global Paradigm Shift, a weekend of service and a call to committed action, shifting consciousness for all humanity.  Be there Friday evening (7pm), April 24th – Sunday, April 26, 2009.  Our purpose is to exude vision and possibility in the world by standing as source at all times, offering assistance to the people of New Orleans as they create new possibility. We are creating a world where all people are freely and consciously loving, living, having fun, contributing and evolving.

We are looking for over 150 people committed to transformational work, to participate in projects designed with local New Orleans organizations and to be of service to all that we come in contact with through a medley of service projects that impact 1000+ lives.  Ideas for projects include (but are not limited to) community clean up, tree planting/neighborhood landscaping, collage making, mural painting, yoga, meditation, and random acts of kindness to be pulled out of a hat, which could include hugs, song-sharing, and book distribution.  We have also planned on having a team of individuals recording oral history from long-time city residents as well as a team willing to create a short documentary about the weekend.  Participants will also be given the opportunity to develop personal visions at a powerful city wide Saturday night event.  We ask that anyone up for this game of support and creation be committed to service in such that growth and expansion are imminent.

Who’s up for real transformation?

You can sign up as an individual and be assigned to a team, and you can also bring a team with you! Please complete the attached skill/interest inventory registration form.  Reviewing your form will allow us the opportunity to follow up with you to create the best match for your team and/or service project and send you complete information. Upon arrival at the kickoff in New Orleans, you will receive your assignment – a neighborhood-based service project and a stand – a quality you get to bring to your service, such as love, trust, or openness.  Be extraordinary and complete your task to the best of your ability.  It will take all of us coming together to make this Service Mission Weekend a success while impacting lives and a city forever.  The possibilities for abundance and transformation are endless. It’s time to build!!!

*Flight 509 is a team within a leadership training program, Ascend Spiritual Flight Academy.
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  1. In response to your challenge, “Who’s up for a game of transformation?” YouthUSA is a ready, willing and able to assist its beneficiaries in their transformation into community leadership. We are a national 501c3 public charity providing mobile technical assistance in the six-state Atlanta Federal Reserve Region. Our experiences in organizational development, leadership development, revenue-generating strategies, and community engagement to sustain youth mentoring uniquely prepare us to connect local vision and global assets for getting things done. Our process begins with a valuation of the whole person in the recovery and restoration of the whole village. We are interested in coordinating a team of Youth Achievers and mentors for deployment to New Orleans in support of your event.

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